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Another way is: we are OK with a segwit soft-fork sooner so long as we can later clean it up with a hard-fork and re-enable our optimizations by June 2017.Plenty of resources are available online, and implementing support for bitcoin payments is easily within the realm of the smallest app developer, let alone heavyweights like Microsoft.The bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol.Maybe this article gives some more insight too, the video was very clear: darlene42345 Excellent article you write in here about Block chain Technology and i know most of the science educators are found more information from here.

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ASICBoost in its other forms is completely compatible with SegWit.

However, the ASICBOOST method has not been used by us on the mainnet.This is the result of a number of factors, mainly including a large investment in the bitcoin mining industry.

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The way SegWit is implemented in the code, it requires a large majority of miners to support it before it officially activates and can be used.

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If this whole debate really is because of soft fork is hardfork, that is easy to solve.

Sorry for the little off topic comment but I love Bitcoin and I hate that a few dishonest people took control of it and try to destroy it.Bitcoin has scalability issues in terms of throughput, latency, capacity, and network bandwidth. Throughput.

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Unfortunately in this case, ASICBOOST is both patented, and adds a fair bit of complexity to mining hardware.Side chain versus altcoin is like browser addon versus a whole new browser.I can no longer edit my post unfortunately but at least people can see this follow up.

There is nothing deceptive about saying Core did not deliver on their promise to increase the block size.Without protocol upgrades that include commitments to other parts of the block (E.g. committed utxo, committed bloom filters, stxo, segwit, fraud proofs, etc) you can simply compute 4096 variations of left- side of the tree by altering the coinbase transaction and 4096 versions of the right side of the tree by just substituting any transaction on the right side with alternatives.This one will do great many great things for transaction throughput and privacy.If it was discovered as Bitcoin was being created, it would have been fixed like any other bug.It often incentivizes miners to reorder or drop transactions until they hash to a specific value.It is possible that this is part of the reason some miners are blocking SegWit but there is more to it.

But the chance of finding three blocks with the necessary 4 byte collision is much more difficult.The Fork to a chain that does scale on its own seems inevitable and was fully expected by the original developer.In my opinion, the fact that this was hidden invalidates much of the anti-SegWit rhetoric coming from the miners.Certain miners implementing ASICBOOST in their ASIC also have a FPGA with DRAM that could be used to find the 4 byte collisions extremely quickly.

Sergio Lerner released segwit2mb recently, which the miners support, but many Core devs were vocal about their opposition to that.Core absolutely could have handled the communications around this better.It is not possible to consider many of these criticisms honestly given this regressive, protectionist hidden motive.That article talks about all sorts of developer troubles and losing coins without ever mentioning the testnet, which exists to allow you to lose worthless coins.To me, he was the counterparty in my first Bitcoin exchange.Furthermore, how could it possibly be fine with him that these groups use a patented process - exclusive patents go against everything Bitcoin stands for - to cement their domination over other miners.It allows mining chips to be more efficient, which means those chips make more Bitcoins for less money.They modified versions of the Bitcoin client to enable larger blocks.

However, the Redmond company did not go all out, and will only support bitcoin payments on certain content platforms, making up a tiny fraction of its business.Bitcoin Explained A whole system consisting of three main components 1. Protocol 2.Bitcoin spent the next few years languishing, viewed as nothing more than another internet curiosity reserved for geeks and crypto-enthusiasts.

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SegWit provides a theoretical 1.7x increase but only if everyone switches to SegWit transactions.IBM and Samsung are employing Ethereum for their IoT projects.Back started Blockstream they expected the 1 mb blocksize to stay 1 mb.

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